“I could not have been more fortunate than to have Eddie Doucette as the play-by-play announcer when I played for the Milwaukee Bucks. Eddie's announcing style was always candid, humorous and insightful. It was an honor to be associated with him. It was Eddie that named my signature shot, the 'Skyhook', in the most appropriate way.
Thanks Eddie - you're the greatest!”
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Basketball Hall of Fame
Audio Composites

Radio Play-by-Play
Commercial Demo
“I had the pleasure of starting my broadcasting career with Eddie in 1976 on radio and television learning from the most talented, gifted, entertaining, play by play man in the business. He created a picture on radio for the young Buck's fans that still resonates today throughout the entire State of Wisconsin. Eddie developed a loyal cult like following of viewers and listeners with his exciting style of developing a picture for the fan. Eddie is simply the very best in the business.”
Jon McGlocklin
Former NBA Player
TV Analyst, Milwaukee Bucks